LA LA Time

I spent a long weekend in LA, visiting my most favorite of daughters, Abi.  To be clear, she is my only daughter, so there isn’t much competition, but still, I want her to know that she is my favorite of the female children. 😉

I arrived Friday around lunch time and Abi & I quickly established the rules for the weekend.  Our primary tasks were…think about eating, plan to eat, eat, discuss what we ate and then start again. We managed to cover most of the important food groups – deli in Beverly Hills, Mexican at a place that had only outdoor seating (not a real option in Chicago), Thai at a place where the food came out in what I would charitably call random order (some main courses, then appetizers, then rice, then the rest of the main courses),  a posy breakfast place where the food was great, but I needed my secret decoder ring in order to understand what I ordered, popcorn at the movies rather than dinner …and of course In-N-Out Burger.

We did some other non-eating stuff.

The weather was “unusual” for Southern California–50s and cloudy and some rain. I had to wear long pants and a COAT! Well, really a light windbreaker, but it was far from what I was hoping for (80s and sunny). Oh well.

20190216_132728We went to Topanga Canyon and hiked up to Eagle Rock. It is a pretty easy hike, wide and smooth “trail.” It was a bit crowded, but not too bad. If you look at the photos in the hyperlink, you will notice that there is lot of brown. Due to all the rain, the trail was beautifully green. Abi was amazed and stopped multiple times to explain that she was unused to seeing that color. For those of you from So. Cal, the white things in the photo covering up some of the blue sky are called clouds.

On Saturday night, we went to the Improv in Hollywood to see a bunch of comedians.  The headliner was Brent Weinbach, who was hilarious.  We were seated in the front row so we expected that someone would make fun of us, but no such luck. Abi had to read a couple of things for Brent, but that was about it. It was a great night.

Does anything say “I miss you” like Hot Cheetos socks?

On Sunday we went to a flea market right in West Hollywood.  Only in California would a flea market have mandatory valet parking.  Nothing too exciting, but I did manage to find three pairs of socks for Sue.  One each of In-N-Out Burger (great for her vegetarian status–I know, I am hoping I don’t get defrocked), Hot Cheetos and Tabasco.

We also went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), which I have so say was a bit disappointing. There was a long wait to get tickets, then the Japanese building was closed. There were two interesting exhibitions. One on the 100th year of the Bauhaus school, including about half a dozen Kandinsky’s that I really liked. The second was the Art of Sri Lanka, once again, very interesting, but both were relatively small.  They did do a very nice job of explaining the exhibits, which I really appreciated.

Now this is my kind of place….

What Time Is It?

Happy New Year to all!

My mother is, on a good day in her imagination, 5 feet tall and 80 lbs soaking wet while carrying 10-pound dumbbells in each hand. But at no point during the day is she not thinking about food. It is amazing. In her world, there are only three times of day. There is talking about food time, eating time, and talking about what we ate time.

keepcalmandeatAs Sue told you we went for a drive to Deerfield Beach.  It is about a 20-minute drive (and 20 minutes to park) away from her condo.  We drove over, walked along the beach for about a mile, and then I drove home.  About 5 minutes away from the condo, I mentioned that I was hungry. (It was about 1 p.m.) My mother immediately said, “We should pull over and get something to eat.” I said that I would wait to we got home. My mother leaned forward from the back seat and said to Sue, “Be ready to grab the wheel if he faints from hunger.” Good news is that I made it home without fainting. Whew.

Cocktail snacks

The other food-related challenge is that there appear to be only 8 hours between the start breakfast (around 9:30 a.m.) and the start of dinner (5:30 p.m.). So in order to get three full meals in AND still save time for cocktail hour (with cheese and crackers, nuts etc.) you need to be very careful about timing. As I mentioned above, the day we went to Deerfield Beach, we did not plan well. By the time we arrived home from the outing (1:15) and ate a quick lunch it was already 2 p.m. After cleaning up from lunch, we had time for a quick stroll before we needed to prepare for cocktail hour and then get rolling for dinner.

garlic rolls
The garlic rolls

My mother eats no gluten. On our last night, we went to an Italian restaurant that serves warm rolls at the table.  They have plain and garlic rolls. When the waiter asked which type we wanted (plain, garlic or mixed), I asked for a mix, but my mother overrode the decision by stridently ordering only garlic.  We all looked at each other and thought: there is something wrong here, the one person who won’t eat them made the decision on what the rest of us would eat.  I love you, Mom (or at least please leave me in the will).

Dessert was served in the middle of the night–you know, 7:30.

P.S.: We are both going on a diet when we get home.