It Was a Busy Few Days

milwaukeeLast weekend, as I have previously written, was a baseball weekend with Josh.  On Friday night, we went to Milwaukee and had great seats.  We sat in the third row just off to the third base side of home plate.  We were so close, we could almost reach out and touch the guys in the on deck circle.  The Brewers beat the Giants 4-2.  The game was fairly uneventful until the top of the 9th inning when the Giants’ catcher (Nick Hundley) and manager (Bruce Bochy) were both tossed from the game because they were arguing balls and strikes.  This is the first time on our tour that someone got tossed from the game.  The other interesting thing was that scoreboard showed a batters OPS rather than his batting average.  I didn’t care for it, but I guess I am a dinosaur.  The roof stayed open all night.

chisoxSaturday we went to see the White Sox at Comiskey  err, I mean Guaranteed Rate Field. (Really?  Only the White Sox could manage to move away from US Cellular Field as their name and find a worse one.)  The temperature was 68 degrees, but there was a bitter wind blowing off the lake.  We sat four rows behind the Angels’ dugout.  Trout clobbered two home runs and Ohtani, who was DH’ing, went 2 for 4.  I was surprised at how tall Ohtani is; he is as tall or taller than Trout.  The game was close until the top of the first when Angels’ scored three runs.  The White Sox put up one in the bottom of the first to keep it respectable.   The Angels put up another three in the third and we pulled out our forks because the Sox were done.  In the 9th, the Angels put up another 6 runs to make the final score 12-2.  Ohtani scored one of those runs by coming home on a wild pitch.  The play was close, but he was safe.

While I love to travel with Sue, traveling for work is less enjoyable.  I had a couple of trips this week.  On Sunday afternoon, I drove down to Indianapolis for a Monday morning meeting.  I came home Monday afternoon and then back out to Minnesota on Tuesday night.  I flew to Minneapolis then drove about 2.5 hours southwest to a small town.  I arrived at 9:10 pm and found out that all the restaurants in town were closed by that time.  Oh well, no dinner.  I had meetings all day on Wednesday and then retraced my steps to Minneapolis for an 8 pm flight home.  Back in the house at about 10:30 pm.  A long couple of days of no-fun work travel.


I Want to Stay Home???

Steven is on the road so I thought I would write for him. Plus, I forgot (I know, I know, terrible!) to write on Saturday, mostly because I feel like I haven’t left a three-mile radius since August.

I always thought it would be interesting to travel for work. Maybe I wouldn’t always get to go where I wanted to, but I like traveling (duh!). Steven has been gone twice this week on one-day trips and I have to say that I am much happier being the one at home. First, I get to binge-watch whatever show I want. Second, I don’t have to drive to Indianapolis or fly to Minneapolis and then drive 2-3 hours to a burg in Minnesota no one’s ever heard of and then turn around and do it all in reverse the next day just for a meeting. Call me snobby and lazy–go ahead, I dare you(You are snobby & Lazy)!

Sometimes, just getting out of your radius of influence is enough, but I’m thinking this isn’t one of those times. I have been to Indianapolis and driven across Minnesota. These are one-and-dones for me.

I would like to travel for work if I could be one of the glamorize or adventurous travel writer/blogger/vloggers I admire. I’m still trying to figure out how to pull that off with a 10-year-old German shepherd, a house, and a need for health insurance. Any ideas??