Day one of our latest adventure

IMG_20170530_110959412Welcome to our blog.  If you don’t know us, we are a new couple; we have been together about 3 years and we are looking to spend our lives together (according to him) planning to travel, traveling, and then talking about traveling.

I am Steven.  I am in my mid-fifties, work in an office, and generally am pretty easy going (almost to the point of annoyance).

That one over there is Sue.  She is 35, albeit for the 17th time, but nonetheless, she is 35 and she works in a high school.  We live in the Midwest, but we are both originally from the East Coast. 

Our goal for this blog is to let you have a look at the way we plan our trips, have fun traveling, and what 20171228_140244we are thinking about as all this is going on.  We will be publishing regularly on Wednesday and Saturdays, so please check back often. All comments appreciated.

We are in the process of planning our next trip.  We are going to Hawaii for 8 days at the end of April.  I won an award through my job and the prize was 5 days in Maui.  We decided to extend the trip by three days and head to Honolulu.  We are not lay on the beach and sun ourselves sort of people; and so I expect we will keep ourselves pretty busy.   

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