Planning on My Own

This London trip with my nephew is going to be great; I know it. It’s just so different once again planning on my own. I’ve gotten used to having Steven to leap on my crazy ideas and take them to the next step (I’ve never met a crazy idea that couldn’t be crazier…oh yeah…it is always better if you add a couple of days…). My nephew is graduating from high school in a week, so his mind is elsewhere (amazingly it is still on school!!).

The one person who did turn his attention to our grand adventure is, no not the royal couple, but Beethoven. Yes, my 18year-old nephew is a classical music officionado. So, his Aunt Susie, who thinks Springsteen is the world’s best everything  (use your own judgement on whether that is a sign or a cause of insanity) and listened to a lot of Ramones in her youth, will be trying to act classy at the Barbican to hear the London Symphony Orchestra. What do I wear so I won’t immediately be spotted as American? Anyone out there know?

Looks like the French train strike has thwarted our plan to take the Chunnel and spend the day in Paris. Bummer, but I’m sure we’ll find plenty to do in London.

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