We Made It To Moab

A couple of days ago we lost our connection to the outside world and boy was it peaceful. (Fill img_20180624_175254676_burst000_cover_topin the blank with a word that describes how you would feel about it.) We drove from Kanab past Moab and up Mt. Peale to spend a night at the lodge at Mt. Peale Animal Sanctuary. We should have gotten there before we hit Moab, but we decided to go around the other way because Steven wanted to avoid scary roads.

The accommodations were basic, just a bed and bathroom, but they were comfortable. The WiFi was spotty, but we didn’t care because our deck overlooked more spectacular views (seeing a pattern here?). We could also see the animals living at the sanctuary plus deer leaping in and out of the yard. In addition, ouimg_20180624_161005564r deck-share neighbors were a couple from The Netherlands who were living in Golden, Colo., and were doing a last U.S. hurrah before they moved to Germany. They were good company. I love Steven a lot, but sometimes it’s nice to talk to other humans.

I asked about volunteering to help with chores, so I got to feed the horses and ride on a tractor, something this city girl has never done. Steven watched from the deck. They are always looking for volunteers and if you happen to be out that way, you should give it a try. Let them know you want to volunteer, and they will cut the cost of the lodgings. Oh, there’s also a full kitchen anyone can use and breakfast food. The sanctuary takes special needs animals (for instance, Willie the horse is blind in one eye) and take care of them in the hopes that they may be adopted. They also have a healing center, but I don’t know much about that.  We turned in relatively early as we had to get up at 6am to start our white water rafting tour.

4 thoughts on “We Made It To Moab


    I say life without online access is glorious & revelatory.
    Luv this post! How cool to stay at an animal shelter for a night.
    How’d you hear about it?


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