The 750-mile Day

We woke up yesterday in North Platte, Neb. We weren’t sure if we wanted to drive the 11 hours all the way home and came up with various plans for stopping. But really, there’s no place between here and there we wanted to stop, so we rolled through eastern Nebraska and western Iowa realizing that we were homeward bound.

Final trip mileage

Steven and I make good driving companions. No place to eat? Luckily, we still have some Goober Grapeimg_20180701_191034527 and bread. Time to get gas? Good, I have to pee. Tired of driving? I’ll take over. He took the first stretch, I did the middle, and he took the last couple of hours until we pulled into the garage. The nice thing about driving 750 miles through the Midwest is that you are really happy to be home.

Now it’s back to reality … and planning our next adventure.


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