Traveling the Road of Life

Travel allows me to get out of the daily grind, soak in beautiful landscapes and culture that gives me new ways to interpret myself and the world. In our usual existence, we have what I call a “sphere of influence.” What I mean is simply the radius in which we usually operate: work, to grocery store, to home, to the gym, and back with some side trips for other errands and a dinner out. If you are more observant than I, perhaps you maintain the ability to notice the details and not just the annoying driver ahead of you. I, on the other hand, sometimes find myself wondering how I got to my destination because I can’t remember anything about the trip. I need the newness of travel to shake that out of me and get me to look up and around again. It doesn’t hurt that I can turn the alarm off and arise when I’m good and ready either.

Returning to a previous destination only points out the gravity of change in both the place and yourself. I have gone back to places, sometimes with great results, sometimes with less great results. Experience cannot be re-created. Happiness remembered is melancholy. But no matter the place I’ve traveled to, I am able to refresh for the next stretch of home time.

Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a way to travel whenever I would like (let me know if you can help with that) and I get to a point where I realize my sphere of influence has worn very thin and the home time stretches are getting tougher. Travel means challenge, excitement, and mental stimulation. So does change. I’m nor sure what it will be (besides becoming Steven’s wife in 5 weeks), but I can feel it coming. We’ve been talking about moving somewhere warmer, but we’re still here. I’ve been talking about a career change, but I’m still working with high school students. I’ve looked around at jobs, but I’m still at the same one.

Change is coming and I am ready. I wouldn’t mind a few vacations while I wait, though.


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