The Wedding weekend

Oops, this fell of the radar and didn’t get published. Better late than never! I know that it isn’t quite travel related, but I figured I would bend the rules and write about our wedding.  Our travel related posts will be on Saturday, when we will live from New York.

Sue & I tied the knot on Friday night.  First, to answer the obvious question, no it feels the same, except for the new ball and chain I am dragging around..  Oh come on that is funny.

The “weekend” kicked off on Thursday night for a relatively spontaneous (48 hours planning) family dinner.  I always find eating a restaurant difficult for large parties.  The restaurants have trouble getting the food & drinks out in a timely manner, the wait staff always seem overburdened and  it is difficult to talk with anyone other than your immediate neighbors.  All of this was true for our Thursday dinner, that being said, it went well and we all had a nice time.

Friday was nice and quiet for me.  Sue & I “relaxed” in the morning, then she went off to what my mother refers to as a “beauty parlor” to have her hair made even more perfect than it usually is.  At about 3pm we ordered an UBER Premium (so that we could arrive in style!) and headed off to Trigger Chicago where we getting married.  The photographer soon arrived and took us to a local park for photos (which have not arrived yet, so I can’t post any here).  Shortly after we were done with the photos, our immediate family started to arrive and then the guests….

The wedding ceremony was only about 10 minutes and went beautifully.  My mother (The very Reverend Esther) officiated and we read vows that we wrote to each other.

The party was great fun.  We had about 60 guests and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves.  There was much laughter & dancing.

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