Little Victories

As you all recall from our last episode, I had a somewhat trying trip from Charlotte to Chicago last Friday. If you don’t remember, here is the link.

Today, I pulled myself together and wrote a very nice, concise letter to American Airlines customer service.  I figured what the hell, nothing wagered nothing lost.  I used their comment form from their website and wrote up a blow-by-blow analysis of the trip. I tried to be as dispassionate as possible as I think it makes it easier for the recipient to read without having to wade through tons of invective; also, I was limited to 2,000 characters and how many times can you say “I was delayed” with 2,000 characters? Answer: 142 times if you leave a space between each statement. You would have 12 extra spaces which I would use for “I am upset,” just in case you needed help with the math.

So I carefully crafted my complaint.  I laid out the facts and included a couple of compliments (the cabin staff was great and I was really pleased that they didn’t send us out on the first plane), then submitted it.  I asked them to refund the cost of my ticket just to see what would happen.

Within 30 minutes (about 9% of the time I was delayed), customer service replied with a very  nice, but generic email saying:

Thanks for the message

Sorry you were delayed.  We know it sucks

Sorry we didn’t give you more information.  We will try harder

Thank you for being a AA advantage member for the last 25 years

We can’t refund your flight because we don’t want to

We will give you 10,000 bonus miles to your AA account….


I must admit I was expecting something like a drink coupon.

Little victories.

One final note…..a HUGE shout out to my mother who at 80 years old  is hopping a plane to Brazil to see our Brazilian family.  She will be celebrating her 81st birthday on the trip!  Given my mother’s propensity to stay out all night partying and getting arrested, my sister has wisely agreed to go along as her Passepartout.


2 thoughts on “Little Victories

  1. Esther Getto

    Thank you Steven an Sue for your kind words. I am hopeful I can make it to Brazil and back in one piece. Vitor and Alexia re planning quite a fun filled 8 days. Judie is proving to be a great passepartout. We already bought me a new tablet. Love you forever,Mom


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