We Have a Plan

This will be us when we visit Steven’s mom.

We got three inches or so of snow on Sunday night/Monday morning and the temps have stayed in the mid-20s. Oh boy, I love Chicago. Despite our best efforts, we just couldn’t figure where to go abroad for winter break. Everything was very expensive and the trips just didn’t grab us and say, “Come here now!” We decided not to force it, so we used our get out of Chicago free-ish card and are going to spend a few days visiting my mother in Florida.

To say she is excited is a mild understatement. Sue texted her to check on availability on Monday afternoon. I received 2 texts, 3 calls, a few telegrams, and a carrier pigeon…all before dinner. Apparently she has cleaned the apartment, changed the bed linens, gone to the grocery store and started cooking. After she calmed down a bit we confirmed our flight times and transport. Whew..

I know what you are thinking: “What about the dog?!”  Hey Mom! Surprise, we are bringing the dog!!! Only kidding. One of friends has quite generously offered to come and dog/house sit. This is the first time we have left the dog with anyone other than Jack, Sue’s son. Let’s hope it works for both our friends and the dog.

Today’s high temperature was 27 degrees. I am counting the days …

Oh yeah. We booked something for spring break, but I will leave Sue to tell you about that on Saturday….stay tuned!

One thought on “We Have a Plan

  1. Esther Getto

    You left out that I haven’t had a thing to eat in 2 days. I just don’t want to have food in my mouth in case you should call me. Loved the picture of the bathing suits I ordered them for you and Sue at Amazon.


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