Let’s not forget Florida

Sunset (or nuclear war) in the everglades

I know we are getting all excited about our March trip to Costa Rica, but let’s not lose sight of our winter vacation trip to Florida.

Either an everglades alligator or my mother – you choose

We will be visiting my mother, who has promised to only ask us if we are hungry 300 times each day. I suspect she will reply to this blog post pointing out the reason she does it so often is that she is worried we will spread the rumor to everyone else in the family that she didn’t feed us–which of course, we will.



Last time in Little Havana (Me on left, Sue on right)

We really don’t have much planned for the time down there, other than a day (overnight?) trip to the everglades and probably a day or two wandering around Miami. The last time we were there, we spent a few hours in little Havana, drinking Cuban coffee and buying cigars and that seems like it might be fun again. Mostly the plan is to be away from the tundra like weather here in Chicago and relax.

I know what you are thinking…what about Rosie the dog?  Well, we are lucky enough that one of my son’s friends (who is also one of my friend’s kid’s fiancee) has agreed to stay at our place and take care of her.  We are hopeful that she doesn’t eat her (either …the dog eating the dog sitter or the other way around…in reality, I am relatively ambivalent which way, as long as the house is clean afterwards.  😉

….oh come on that was funny….(if you insist.)





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