So Long, Costa Rica

We arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon and decided to hit the pool bar for a quick drink. Unfortunately, the hotel had closed the pool bar for a private party :-(. Oh well, we wandered down to the lobby restaurant, had a drink and planned dinner.

There was an Italian restaurant called Lo Spago just down the street. We walked over and grabbed a table. It was the first restaurant in Costa Rica that we had been to where the menu was only in Spanish. Our waiter was a nice older gentleman who spoke no English.  (Well, first we got the woman who spike English, due it part to our U.S. National Park t-shirts, I’m sure. Then when I ordered in Spanish, she sent over the Spanish-speaking waiter so she could focus on the obnoxiously American family next to us.) For some reason, I decided that this would be a good time to dip my toe into Spanish. With quite a bit of help from Sue and Google translate, I managed to order a pizza with every kind of meat known to mankind on it and my last Imperial beer. Sue ordered something or other, which I am sure was healthy, (veggie risotto)so of course I would not go near it.

We had an early flight to Houston, then onward to Chicago, so we finished dinner and headed back to the hotel for an early night. In the morning our Uber picked us up at some ungodly hour for a 15-minute drive to Juan Santamaria airport. The international terminal is beautiful and quite frankly puts both Chicago airports to shame. Our flight left on time….Goodbye, Costa Rica.

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