Ugh, I’ve Been Lazy

OK, I’ve been less that inspired these last few weeks. It’s tough to get motivated when your big, summer road trip is on the back burner and it’s 55 degrees and drizzling. You’ll be thrilled to know that I’m back! My trip to the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest begins Thursday and I will be writing daily (or almost daily).

So far, my friend has us scheduled for a couple of hikes, a poetry slam, and a picnic with the foster parents of refugee children. And that’s all before we leave Oakland. I think our first night on the road will be spent camping at Point Reyes. Can’t go wrong there.

Image result for oakland, ca
First stop: Oakland

There was some possibility that my friend’s foster child would be on the trip with us, but he is still in Niger as far as we know. That grand adventure will begin after I am home. I must say that I am a bit relieved by that. A 12-year-old refugee boy who speaks no English probably does not need his introduction to the United States to be two 50-something women driving him up the coast in an RV so we can hike and talk nonstop.

The plan, developed entirely by my friend, has us driving up Hwy 1 through California and Oregon for 5 days of camping and then cut over to I-5 to get to Port Townsend, Wash., and Seattle for some chill hanging out time. Then, I will fly home from there leaving my friend to make the drive back solo (unless you count her dog). I feel a little bad about that, but I am sure Steven will be tired of bachelor life with my dog by then (hahahahaha…oops…I meant…Absolutely..I will surely be tired of bachelor life).

3 thoughts on “Ugh, I’ve Been Lazy

  1. Sally G.

    You have every right to be lazy. You just finished a teaching year.
    Glad to hear your California trip will be minus the twelve-year-old; now you can make it a good old fashioned “Thelma and Louise” road trip — except, with a return to your lovely husband.
    Have fun!


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