Road Trip Day 2

Crank that penthouse up

Leftover curry with egg scramble. Yum! Once we got the show on the road, we stopped for coffee, because of all the things we could forget, we forget the coffee cone for the pour-over. Not cool! We went to Point Reyes Station for Bovine Bakery, which had really, really good coffee. Mahru said she’s been going there for years and it’s always been that good. We also got to play show-and-tell with the Jucy. It elicits stares and questions and we are happy to chat about it. Maybe we should become brand ambassadors except that the latch on the penthouse opened again and we had to stop to fix it. This time I put a twig in it to create a crossbar. So far, so good. The other little snag with it (aside from having to crank it 54 times to pop it up) is that it doesn’t fall flat when I crank it closed and I have to shove it into alignment and then stuff the tent up under it.


img_20190625_113957733_hdrNext, off to Limantour Beach, which allows dogs. Bijan had a blast and it was incredibly beautiful. The clouds were stringy and wispy (see pic), the air was crisp and salty, and the sand (as always) felt great between my toes. After a couple of hours, we headed back to the Jucy and hit the road for Fort Bragg. We took 101 through Petaluma and Santa Rosa, where you can still see some of the aftermath of the Tubbs Fire in November 2017. We headed west on 128 for my favorite kind of driving: twisty, windy mountain roads (my favorite type too – not!) overlooking the ocean and we got to drive them for miles. For a while, we were driving through redwoods. Sometimes I really miss California. We did encounter a driver who braked about every 5 feet, which mostly made us laugh.

Our campground outside Fort Bragg is very quiet. I think we are the only ones in our area and each spot is surrounded by trees. If I couldn’t hear road noise, I would think Mahru and I were the only people on Earth. I’m not sure how I feel about that (umm…hello….I would hope that if you are one of two people on earth — you might want me to be the other). I’m not into post-apocalypse. Earlier in the evening, we met a couple who gave us some pointers for a good beach walk and wine tasting/picnic area tomorrow.

Quote of the day today is from Mahru: Sweater dogs are useless.”

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