The Final Leg: Lisboa

Wow, this trip went fast! We arrived in Lisboa (Why do we call it Lisbon? A one-letter change just for the sake of it? Anyone know the real answer?) Thursday evening and hit the ground running. Our AirBnB host suggested a fado restaurant just a few blocks away, so we settled in and headed over for our 8 p.m. reservation. Maria da Mouraria is a tiny place in a converted house. There’s a three-course traditional Portuguese menu and by the time we were done with the appetizers, we were pretty full.

After each course, there was a fado performance with a singer, a guitarist, and a fado guitarist. The fado guitar is tightly strung and plucked. We heard both male and female singers. The meal (with free-flowing wine of your choice) lasted until 11:30 p.m. and was a great introduction to Lisboa.

Friday, we hit the one place that Jake had said he definitely wanted to go: the Oceanario de Lisboa. When we entered, there was an exhibit of small tanks with classical music playing. It was a perfect beginning since it set the tone for the relaxed and unhurried environment of the whole place. The center column is a huge aquarium.

My favorite was the sunfish – well and also the aquarium’s mascot who is a goofy-looking scuba diver named Vasco (of course his name is Vasco) – but the rays are always amazing to watch as they fly through the water. There are vantage points to view the main aquarium all around and everywhere the habitat is a bit different and so are the fish.

What do you think this bridge is called? If you guessed the Vasco de Gama Bridge, give yourself a pat on the back.

The aquarium is set up so you start at the water’s edge and move deeper into the ocean. We saw penguins, otters, amphibians, jellies, and all kinds of fish and sea creatures including a really cool octopus. We spent so much time marveling that we were very hungry by the time we finished. Luckily, the food at the aquarium is a cut above standard attraction fare.

We had opted for the combined aquarium and telecabine (cable car) ticket (speaking of tickets, always buy online even if you do it as you’re arriving – it saves so much time, but be aware that there can be complications with American credit cards or with having to input more information than seems necessary. We bought tickets while on line, but didn’t get the email, so Jake ended up going to customer service. They cleared it up quickly and we were on our way.), so after lunch we rode above the Tagus River taking in the views. From there, we walked along the Parque das Nações, which was set up for the 1998 World’s Fair.

After a short break, we had dinner at Eating Bear, which had some good veggie options and is a trendy place where they brought Jake a little grill to cook his own meat. The water suggested delicious wine and afterwards, we crossed the street and got dessert at Alice Gelato. They had a lemon-ginger sorbet that was fabulous. The strawberry and dark chocolate were amazing too. Jake basically had Nutella (chocolate and hazelnut) and tirasimu, but he said it was better than what he had eaten in Barcelona.

From there, we walked over to Hot Clube de Lisboa, which is supposedly the oldest jazz club in Europe. If you go there, be aware that it’s cash only. We had just enough for the 10€ cover charge and two bottles of (warm) water. We saw the Gileno Santana Trio. Santana is a trumpeter and after one set, Jake explained to me why they weren’t great, so we decided to leave. We were pretty tired and wanted to get up at a decent hour since our plan was to head to Sintra in the morning.

I’ll get to the weekend in the next blog. Needless to say, there was a lot of walking, food and discovery.

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