Eating, Walking, Biking, Eating

We kicked off the weekend with a BBQ with Stephanie, Teresa and Vanessa. The last time we tried, we were thwarted by people who planned and had reserved the roof deck. Friday, we were successful. Steph and Teresa brought meat from Chihuahua, Steven made chicken shwarma, I made vegetable fried rice and bought a veggie burger from the vegan carniceria (butcher, yes, a vegan butcher (isn’t that a tautology? like giant shrimp), and Vanessa brought the michelada makings.

Stephanie taught us how to light the charcoal by putting sugar in a paper towel, pouring some vegetable oil over it and setting it ablaze. Worked like a charm. We bought a cake, because we wanted to have a dessert. Stephanie expounded upon the horrors of English cake so I was a bit worried that a cake from the supermarket would not make muster, but Steph and Vanessa agreed that it was delicious. We also decided that it seemed like a birthday cake and Steven won the birthday lottery because his was the next one up. That meant the Mexican birthday song, blowing out a candle, and the tradition of shoving his face in the cake. The harem (except for me) was worried that he would be upset, but Steven is nothing if not a good sport and he took it in very good humor. (I am told that usually they put your face into the entire cake, but good sense prevailed because who would want to eat cake that had my face in it?)

Steven is a great sport! Happy (very) early birthday to him.

Entertaining is one of the major life events we miss in this crazy life. Our social network is ourselves and temporary people we meet along the way. We may stay in touch with some of them, but they are travelers like us, so chances of us being in the same place again are slim.

Saturday, we decided to take it easy by only going to the gym and then for a short (6 mile) wander. We revisited the neighborhood where we stayed when we came here for a weekend last year during our stay in Guadalajara. We were hoping to get back there to see to our friends, but schedules just didn’t allow for it (see what I mean).

We had no goal, which was relaxing if you’re not us. We have a hard time without a destination, but managed to pretend enough (let’s walk past that hotel Doug and Kenta like) so that we were happy. We stopped for a cold beer (at a really great dive bar on a side calle that I am sure we will never find again) and then headed home for baseball and rest before dinner.

The waiter recommended the spices to put in my pozole, left. I listened. It was hot!

Friday night the ladies were shocked to know that we hadn’t been to La Casa de Toño, which serves up traditional Mexican food in a casual environment. They have vegetarian pozole and a bunch of other food I can eat plus plenty for Steven. It’s a cross between a fast food place and a sit-down restaurant. You order on a piece of paper like dim sum and then the wait staff literally (in the literal sense) run up and down the aisles serving people. The restaurant was spotlessly clean, the food delicious, at least four people asked us if everything was good or if we needed something else, and we were stuffed. All for 350 pesos, or less than $20.

Our outpost of La Casa de Toño is across the street from a mall that contains PF Chang, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Carl’s Jr, Domino’s, Panda Express and Cheesecake Factory, in case you want generic food from the US.

Sunday we went for brunch with the gang. We rode bikes to Cafe C in Colonia de Valle, a barrio that seems almost suburban. It’s only a 15-minute jaunt, but it’s subtly all up hill with one highway overpass. Steven has tree trunks for thighs, so biking is a breeze, but I’m a little slower. Still, it was a fairly easy ride. We got sold the restaurant because they make foam animals for your drinks. The company was great, but the foam animals and the food were not worth the two-hour wait, although it’s hard to go too wrong with pancakes covered in chocolate. We were all tired afterwards, so we biked home (downhill!) and took it easy (read: watched baseball) the rest of the day.

We have reached that time when we realize we only have two weekends left here and (are panicked that) there’s so much we haven’t done. Next weekend is likely to be packed with sightseeing (we have located the Museo de Tequila y Mezcal!!! ) and more eating.

One thought on “Eating, Walking, Biking, Eating

  1. Esther Getto

    I am so happy that it is only a little more than 2 weeks when I get to give you all real hugs. Having a great time car shopping with Michael. Love and Hugs. Mom


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