Working in the Sunshine

I woke up today to see snow on the ground; true, was only a light dusting, but I am reminded once again, that I live in Chicago in the winter (my feeling are summed up by this song). On the bright side, tomorrow will be mid-40s and more importantly, I have started the countdown to our first trip of the year.

Our trip to Costa Rica starts on February 1, so at this time I have 28 days to get through—really 27 because it is already evening here and we leave very early in the morning on the 1st.  I am counting the days. As Sue mentioned, she will be learning to Scuba dive, sitting on the beach, taking day trips who knows where and living the Pure Vida while  hitting the cerveza. (I am really hoping to have some work. Honest!)

I will be working.

I am in no way complaining. I will sitting (hopefully outside) at Karl’s place in shorts, a T-shirt and wearing sun screen—not bad for February. However, since I will be working, I am beginning to worry about being connected and all the things I will need to lug down there in order to be able to work.

my laptop
My new laptop

Let’s start with my laptop, of course. I will need power, micro and USB-C cables for various peripherals, and a long Cat-5 Ethernet cable in case the WiFi isn’t so good. I am also thinking I might bring along a WiFi repeater that I have stored in the junk box downstairs. We don’t use it at home, and if the WiFi isn’t so good, perhaps I will set it up somewhere to get a boost (so I can sit outside of course). In the next week or so, I will have a look at Playa Flamingo to see if there is a coffee shop that says it has WiFi, so that if the coverage isn’t good at Karl’s, I can head there and get connected. Then me being me, I will need backups for pretty much of everything—just in case.

Brick phone
Only the latest cell phone for me!

I will need a working mobile phone.  Like most people these days, I live on my phone. (He is worse than the Millennials and Gen Z.) My company does not have a phone system; we all work on our cell phones and have a soft number assigned for work.  I hope we have decent phone coverage there, but if we don’t it works fine on WiFi (see the discussion above about the WiFi extender).  I will contact my provider and arrange for an international call package. I get a half gig of high speed data per day on the plan for $10, so unless I need to use the phone as I hot spot, that won’t be an issue.


All in I am really excited for the trip. This post has taken me 30 minutes to write, which means I am 30 minutes closer to the warm sunny weather. In my head, I see this:

me working

But I do worry about it being this…

me not working

Maybe I need an extra backup plan….

Does Time Travel Count?

No, we are not time lords (Susan should speak for herself; I am not willing to concede this point…yet), but we did go back in time last week. Anyone who lives in Chicago or who has ever been in Chicago in the summer knows that every weekend brings a new neighborhood festival. They are all pretty much the same (sorry fans of a specific one), some have more art, some more crafts, some a theme, but mostly they have street food, beer and wine, random stuff to buy, and music.

The Real Deal
Close enough

Last Saturday we headed to Taste of Lincoln and the 1970s. We were informed that we had to get there by 4:30 or we would miss the highlight … Dancing Queen–an Abba tribute band. Spandex and sequins and a little Fernando on the streets of Chicago. The scene was classic Chicago: all kinds of people coming together in the name of (bad) music. Not that the band was bad, but would my life be complete without ever having heard B sides of Swedish Abba hits sung by others? YES!

img_20180804_200856948_burst000_cover_topYesterday (yes, I know I am a day late with the post), we went back to a time that I don’t remember: the ’60s (1969 to be exact!). We headed up the North Shore to 210 Live in Highwood. Steven says the place used to be a bowling alley, but now it is a restaurant and music venue. A friend of a friend was playing trumpet in a Woodstock and Joe Cocker tribute band. I’m all for the summer of love, but I hope these talented musicians aren’t stuck back there and that this is just a chill side gig. The funniest thing to me was that we heard a substitute Joe Cocker substitute. Chicago’s own Joe Cocker sub was unavailable, so Detroit’s Joe Cocker filled in. The whole thing reminded me of John Belushi (which I realize plants me firmly in the oldster demographic, too, just not quite as oldster. If I were young, I would have bee at Lolla.