The Gasoline Lemonade Acid War Zone Trail

My apologies to Tom Wolfe, but I couldn’t resist (if you don’t get the joke, google Tom Wolfe, find the book and read it).

Today started with my company meeting.  Everyone was forced to make important decisions at 9:00 — I went for the Bloody Mary, not the Mimosa — it was a brutal meeting ;).   The bigwigs – at least two of whom looked like they didn’t make it bed last night – presented the state of the company, we all did our rah rahs and were out by 10:30.  I snagged a couple of extra BM’s and met Sue back in the room.  She did an early morning yoga class which finished at the same time. (Yoga by the ocean is great even on a cloudy day.)

We decided to get a picnic lunch and hike the Acid War Zone Trail.  It is on the north side of the island and so we drove via Lahaina and stopped a Farmer’s Market for lunch fixin’s….Sue picked our stopping point and it turns out that it was an organic, vegetarian, Birenstock, crunchy granola sort of place. (I loved it. Many things for me to eat.) We both got a fake chicken with sesame dressing wrap and I got some lemonade.  At this point, some 6 hours later, I have not had a significant allergic reaction to non-meat chicken so I optimistic that I will ok….but just to make sure, I am going to have a large slab of meat for dinner…hopefully it will counteract any lingering issues that may be caused by contaminating my body with fake meat. (Ask Steven how happy he was that I am a vegetarian when we had to leave his company party early because many people think veggies eat fish.)

After we ate, we hiked down the Acid War Zone Trail…and trail needs quotes.  It was fabulously scenic and is called the acid war zone because of the stark hardscrabble landscape.  It runs along the occean and the sea-water erosion of the volcanic rocks is amazing.   The trail ends at the Nakalene blowhole which erupts every 15-20 seconds.  The photos and video say more than I could ever describe. (Having a few technical issues so it might take a little while to get some of the photos up -but here is the video.)


Once back in the car, we continued the loop around the north side of the island….when the sign said narrow winding road we chuckled…when it said 15 mph speed limit we giggled, when it said one lane – we rolled our eyes….8 miles, 3 near accidents and way too many hairpin turns with straight drops later…we smiled again and said….that was so cool!  It reminded us of a much longer and much greener Dades road in Morocco…it also wound around the hills rather climbing up one gorge.

By the time we returned to the hotel it was 5pm – cocktail hour.  I made a couple of our newly invented drinks..gin, ginger beer and pineapple juice… and we relaxed.


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