Equilibrium Attack

Yesterday’s hike was once again amazing. We slogged through mud to reach Waimoku Falls in in the Kipahulu area of Haleakala National Park. At just 2 miles, it’s a no problem hike for almost anyone if you don’t mind getting a little mucky. Ok, maybe a little more than a little.20180429_134020 The trail is muddy, but the steepest parts have stone steps and there is even a boardwalk through the bamboo forest. (Don’t forget the small stream that we forded…happiness is waterproof shoes …or at least shoes that don’t fall apart when soaked.) If you are smart, you will grab a stalk of bamboo the right length and use it as a walking stick. You can leave it close to the trail head with all the others on the way back.

The issue for me was getting to the trail. After looping north from Wailea, we headed east on the southern portion of 360, or what eventually becomes the road to Hana. Steven and I joke about me being unbalanced all the time, but really, if you have motion sickness or are a nervous driver or passenger, this is not the road for you. It’s twisty, windy, up and down and not really a full lane in either direction. IMG_20180429_131132476Oh, and some of it is barely paved (only the last 10 miles or so).  I was not feeling well and definitely not looking forward to a ride back on that road. We did stop to get ginger ale, which helped, but I was more than happy to leave that road behind. Believe it or not, the road to Hana, which goes along the north coast of the island, is tame compared to the stretch we drove. It is longer, though. Both are beautiful, so take your equilibrium and driving anxiety into account when you decide which way to go.

You should really give yourself a whole day for this trip since you may want to stop for photo ops (or to get your balance back) along the way.   (I will post video of the roads once I edit them…prettty sure no one wants to see 5 hours of twisting turning roads.)

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