Homeward Bound

Our last day on the islands (so sad). We had a 1pm flight from Honolulu to LA then a 2 hour layover and onward to Chicago. We arrived at 6am on Saturday. All in the elapsed travel time – including airport time and taxi home was about 15 hours; a pretty long day.

The flights were uneventful, we watched a bunch movies, none of which bear mentioning.  (I disagree. I watched Lady Bird and I, Tonya. Excellent performances all around.) As with our outward trip, we bought food before we got to the airport. We ate lunch on the first flight and dinner during the layover.

It is good to be home (especially because I don’t get jetlagged).

Sorry to say that this last post is quite short as there isn’t much to say about a travel day where the flights are thankfully on time and relatively smooth.  We will go back to our Wednesday & Saturday posting dates until our next foray.

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