Hawaii – Wrap up

I don’t really have too much to write for this post; just some reflections and odds & ends.

Hawaii is really gorgeous.  There are something like 14 of the 16 types of ecosystems on Maui.  The climate seems to change on a mile by mile basis.  There is so much natural beauty packed into such small spaces that it is truly awe inspiring.

Driving on Maui is “interesting”.  It seems that half (ok more than half) the roads are two or four lane well maintained and easy to drive.  However, there are also whole sections, especially on routes 340 and 360 that are one lane, hairpin turns and virtually unpaved.  Go slow and keep an eye out for cars coming the other way … in your lane.

Oahu has interstate highways….Yup, think about it.  What other state do those road touch?  They are “numbered” H1, H2 & H3.   Apparently Alaska and Puerto Rico also have interstates…Who knew?

The people are almost universally nice…it seems like the lifestyle attracts people who are low stress and so that feel permeates the entire experience.  Perhaps this has more to do with being tourists and dealing with people who are working in the tourism field.

Time to start thinking about our next trip (After I edit and post a few videos).

We will be posting on Wednesday’s and Friday’s until we are on the road again.


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