Day trip

My plan was to write this post this afternoon, but we got distracted by a last-minute day trip to Milwaukee with my brother and his family. The Mets were in town and we figured, Why not? The weather was beautiful. Can’t go wrong with 80ish degrees and sun especially when it’s been 50 up to now. Well, they lost 17-6, so that wasn’t great. (OK, it was terrible, but the Mets, after an amazing start, seem to be pretty terrible.)

One great opportunity on the trip was the time to talk more about London with my nephew. It seems we are going to do the Warner Bros. Harry Potter tour. Or not … I tried to buy tickets. Clicked on two different allegedly available times and dates and both times it said the number of tickets I wanted exceeded the number available. Sorry Jake! I’m sure we will find plenty of fabulous Muggle things to do without Harry.

Next time we meet, it will be me updating from London!

Addendum: Right after I posted this, I went back to the Warner Bros. site because I can be relentless like that and was able to buy two tickets. Yay! I will let you know how it goes.

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