What Should We Do Today?

We lounged a little this morning after the travel and long day Wednesday. We really had no plan but figured we would head toward Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace, because you have to, right? We walked out the door and Jake wisely (as usual) asked: “Is it too late to change plans because we are going to Buckingham Palace Monday for the changing of the guards?” “Of course not,” I said. So off we went to the British Museum. After a detour because the 4G left two directionally-challenged people on a train heading the wrong way, we got back on track, however, the track did not lead directly to the palace.

Once we got out of the Tube at Piccadilly Circus since I thought Jake had to see the Time Squares of London, we got a little distracted and somehow ended up with half price tickets to The Comedy About a Bank Robbery.  Know anything about it? Neither do we! Pushing our way through the crowds on our way toward the museum and checking and rechecking every map on the way, we realized we were hungry. Poof, we look up and we are in Chinatown. Perfect.img_20180531_135720835

A short walk later, a 5-minute wait, and free admission (see Americans, other countries support culture for the masses) found us wandering the British Museum. Jake was initially confused until I pointed out that the galleries were numbered and we could go in order. Phew! Sensibility is restored. Being me, I couldn’t help but say, “Wow! The British plundered some really nice treasures from the nations they colonized.” The English guy next to me did give that a little snort. Very emotional for the Brits we’ve seen so far. But really, it was a great museum (Did you know the Rosetta Stone is there? Neither did we.) and we only left when the place closed. No time for the gift shop. Bummer.

Finally, we decided to grab a bite (we had serviceable Italian) and then head toward the palace and Hyde Park since they are on our way back. Oops! Distracted again. Something was gimg_20180531_194034787_hdroing on in St. James Park. The Marines were beating a retreat as a kind older man told me. It was like a really posh marching band. We ended up talking with him and a couple who had come from the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace where they were in the same room as Queen Elizabeth and Prince William. Three degrees of royalty!

By then we were pretty tired so we gazed at the palace and then headed for the nearest Tube station.

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