Bits and Bobs

img_20180604_161231799We love the transportation system here. We haven’t had to wait more than 10 minutes for a bus or train–unless you count the Harry Potter shuttle, which comes every 20 minutes.


Don’t make eye contact on the street. Londoners seem a tad bit unfriendly because they never look you in the eye or address you when they pass you on the street. That’s the reserved way, so don’t take it personally.

Random lovely lane in London

There’s a foosball table in Terminal 2 at Heathrow. Jake crushed me.

The beautiful weather made us realize that there’s rarely AC in London, so if you are going to be here and think it might be more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, remember that buildings will be hot and stuffy.

Takeaway is cheaper than eat-in because you don’t have to pay the VAT.

There are only two colors of suits in London: blue, which is everywhere in The City and on Fleet Street, and tan, which is your Sunday casual sitting in the yard suit or your foppish summer suit.


The “bitter” beer is about 10 notches lower on the bitterness scale than our averimg_20180604_124754949_ll1age IPA. Yay! I don’t like IPAs, but I did like the bitter.

If you don’t like mayonnaise or butter on everything you eat, beware: It is ubiquitous. We didn’t really go to any upscale restaurants, which I am sure are different, but they are pricy and even though the exchange rate is good (about $1.34 to £1), eating out in London isn’t cheap.

We stuck mostly to the touristy stuff, which you know if you read this blog.There’s a whole other London left to explore. It’s like going to NY and never leaving midtown.

I could go on forever, but I will leave you with this: London is a good place for nervous or reluctant travelers because it is VERY organized and systematic and even though the English is different, it’s still English.

Next up: Road trip to Utah.

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