On the Road Again

Now that Sue has returned home, washed all her laundry, dropped the fake British accent and stopped dreaming about mushy peas, it is time for our next trip.  For those of you who have forgotten, we are driving from our home in Chicago to the Grand Canyon & Moab UT.   This is the planned itinerary:

Date What we are doing/Where we are
16-Jun Drive
17-Jun Arrive Santa Fe
18-Jun Santa Fe
19-Jun 4 corners & Monument Valley
20-Jun Grand Canyon
21-Jun Grand Canyon
22-Jun Zion National Park
23-Jun Grand Staircase National Park/Bryce Canyon
24-Jun Drive to Moab
25-Jun Whitewater Rafting
26-Jun Whitewater Rafting
27-Jun Moab
28-Jun Moab
29-Jun Moab
30-Jun Drive
1-Jul Home

All in the trip is about 3,700 miles. This is our planned route.


UTHANdino_haleys1As always, all plans are subject to change due to mechanical issues, how tired we are and, of course, whimsy.  Time is getting short and we haven’t done tons of research on places on the way; so we may have to just have to consult Roadside America as we go.  For those of you who have not used Roadside America, it is a compendium of weird, wonderful, bizarre and just plain old odd places.  Everything from the largest ball of twine (Cawker City, Kansas) to Scrap Metal Fossils in someone’s yard (Hanksville, Utah).

The first driving leg is somewhat daunting as there is pretty much nothing between Chicago and Santa Fe N.M.  We have about 20 hours of straight driving which we are planning to break up into 2-2.5 days.    We are leaning towards getting on the road Friday afternoon (after work … you know after 5pm….wink wink) and putting in a few hours.  If we are lucky, we will get 5-6 hours in the first day and then break the rest up evenly.



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