Doing Canyonlands from the Top Down

OK, we’re a day behind again, but the heat and the hiking are exhausting! We decided that since we had seen Canyonlands National Park from the river, we would head to the top animg_20180627_140530634d see it from the road. The park is set up in such a way that you can pretty much see all the highlights by driving and walking maybe a half a mile or so to a site or viewpoint. We decided to try it and while we got some good pictures and walked a few miles all told, it wasn’t our greatest experience. Don’t get me wrong, the park is amazingly beautiful (as they all are) but it felt like the difference between hiking and sightseeing. These driving routes are great if you have little ones or are unable to really get out and see the park, but if you are an outdoorsy person and want to get away, this is not for you. It’s crowded and sightseers don’t have outdoor manners. img_20180627_1309394021

We did get a top-down view of the Colorado and Green rivers. We had rafted past their confluence the day before, so it was interesting to see it another way. Worth going to, but I would pick a hike and do it instead of hopping out and walking to the viewpoints. I’m not much of a drive and snap a photo traveler.

The highlight of our day was a class at Moab Yoga. It was the perfect counterbalance to all the hiking and rafting. The class just happened to be focused on the spine and I know I was walking taller by the end. Ah.

As a topper to another great day, the full moon shone clearly above the mountains as we drove back from dinner.img_20180627_205853614.jpg

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