Routine, what’s that?

Four switches among many on the walls in our apartment: What do they operate?

First off: We are loving CDMX. It’s vibrant. The food everywhere (on the street, in the fondas — or little stall restaurants — in the storefront spots, and even at the mercado) is excellent, and the people are nice.

We decided to stay here for so long partly because all this moving around means we never establish any sort of routine. Although we’re not really that big on repetitive activity, life’s little details can get confusing when you move every few weeks (and take weekend trips to boot). This may come as a surprise, but we’re not getting any younger and it’s tough to remember all the details of life when none of them are automatic. Where’s the light switch? is a question I ask often.

Humans are creatures of habit, even those of us who are easily bored, so it’s been a relief to go back to the gym (OK, that was a leap of logic. I was with her about being a creature of habit, but then to go to it is a relief to get back to the gym???? hmm…not sure I am onboard for that). Granted, getting up in the dark really stinks, but wow, do I feel better after just over a week of achy muscles.

Every time we go to a new place, we find that there are some systems we just don’t understand. How do we order? Do we wait at the booth for our food? Can we sit anywhere or are there designated areas for each establishment? How do we pay? How will we get our food? Do we get up to get it or will someone bring it to us? Do we have to bus our own tray? All these questions and more crop up as we sit waiting for our food in Latin American time. If you want fast food, go to McDonald’s (or Carl’s Jr. or KFC or Burger King or Subway or any number of Mexican versions).

Saturday we went to the gym and then had some boring errands (I needed new workout shoes — mine were so worn I was getting blisters on the bottom of my feet, but they did serve me we for many death marches). We went to an American-style mall not really a death march away, but plenty of walking after the gym. After acquiring Stan Smiths and Nikes for workouts, we decided to go to one of our favorite modern inventions: The fancy food court. This works for us because Steven can eat meat and I can get something delicious without meat. (Yes, Steven, food without meat is delicious!(oh the delusions she has!)) We hit up Mercado Roma, partly because we thought it had a spice shop. It didn’t, but that was fine too, because there were plenty of food options.

I asked if the sandwich I wanted was large, and the waiter said it was small, so I also ordered guac. Who knew the guac was gigantic and the sandwich was ample, too. I did not finish and I was very full. It was a vegan waffle with fake ham, lettuce, tomato, and more avocado. Plus syrup. Oddly delicious. Steven had meat (a hamburger with shawarma spices, which was great).

Old friends new again

Adorable, right?

Before we got here, we reconnected friends we had met in Guadalajara and we lucked out because they live here now. Woo hoo! On Sunday, Steph and Teresa headed our way and we had lunch and a drink. The food and drink are irrelevant (except that they ordered Aperol spritzes) because we remembered why we liked them so much. They are fun, interesting, and adventurous. AND they are getting married in September in Chihuahua. We basically invited ourselves 🙂 I mean, what are they supposed to say when I ask, “Are we invited?” Uuum, no, we don’t like you that much.

Plus, Teresa and I need to practice our Spanish, so we’re going to do it together. Steph is bilingual and has a cute English accent since that’s where she learned English. Teresa does, too, but she is English so it’s a tiny bit less cute.

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