Back in the USA (for a few days)

OMG! If I haven’t already bragged about my very sweet husband, here goes: He surprised me with tickets to Houston to see my family and Bruuuuuuuuce!(for those of you who do not know, that is Bruce Springsteen). What a fab Valentine’s present from someone who doesn’t do Hallmark holidays.

We left CDMX on Saturday morning. Everything went off without a hitch and we were able to have lunch with my brother. I just don’t realize how much I miss my peeps until I see them again. Plus, we have a nephew who’s grown a foot since the last time we saw him. Time is a crazy construct and the growth patterns of teen boys may be equally as crazy.

This workhorse has been put out to pasture. I still have the carry-on and the large cases from the set.

Sunday was shop for things we can’t get or are extra expensive in Mexico. Yay, Target! We also bought new suitcases, which was a bit emotional for me as my old suitcase was a 50th birthday present from my other brother and his family, but after almost 8 years of trusty travel to far and near, the wonky wheel had become too difficult to manage as we wandered aimlessly around unfamiliar airports. And trust me, we do a lot of aimless wandering around airports. They are all eerily the same, but just different enough that we seem always to be going the wrong way.

In the evening, we went to a Super Bowl party at my brother’s friend’s house. There was a TV in every direction, delicious food, and good conversation. The game was on, too, and although we always root against Philly, I really did not care that much. Luckily, it was a fun one to watch and, guess what? Rihanna is pregnant.

We got back to my brother’s to find what seemed like 300,000 teenagers, but was probably about 20. I forgot how much airspace they consume. Our niece and nephew are good kids and their friends are as trustworthy as teens get, but that was a lot so we retreated to the hotel. Besides, it was getting late for the old folks and Monday was a work day (for Steven) and a hang out with my brother day for me.

Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday. All I remember about it was waiting and waiting for the show to begin. Did anything else happen Tuesday? Who cares! Bruce happened on Tuesday. He played what I considered a greatest hits show, which made me wonder if he’s getting ready to call it quits. I can’t believe that will ever happen but … like his audience, he’s no spring chicken, but he managed not quite three hours (2:55).

Here’s the set list for anyone who cares (me).

  1. Night
  2. No Surrender
  3. Ghosts
  4. Prove It All Night
  5. Letter to You
  6. Promised Land
  7. Out in the Street
  8. Candy’s Room
  9. Kitty’s Back
  10. If I Were a Priest
  11. Nightshift
  12. Don’t Play That Song
  13. E Street Shuffle
  14. Johnny 99
  15. Last Man Standing
  16. Backstreets
  17. Because the Night
  18. She’s the One
  19. Wrecking Ball
  20. The Rising
  21. Badlands

And the encore (which I guess was an encore but they didn’t really even pretend to leave the stage. Lights came up and the band played on.

  1. Thunder Road
  2. Born to Run
  3. Rosalita
  4. Glory Days
  5. Dancing in the Dark
  6. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
  7. I’ll See You in My Dreams

Pretty much no one sat and there was a very cute family with three little kids dancing in front of us. Can’t go wrong with Bruce even if his knees, back, or whatever won’t allow for the athletics he once did on stage. There’s nothing like a crowd of Bruce fans. Sadly, Patti wasn’t there (we missed her on Broadway, too) and Nils Lofgren had Covid, but it was great to see Stevie, Max, and Roy. We got back to the hotel, tired, and with scratchy throats, but elated.

Was it the best Bruce show I’ve ever seen? No. Would I go again if I get tickets for later in the tour? Is that even a question?

Wednesday evening, we headed back to CDMX and, oddly, it felt like we had come home (at least for now).

One thought on “Back in the USA (for a few days)

  1. Esther Getto

    Steven was always a great son and not surprised he is wonderful husband. I sprinkled special fabulous husband dust on him when I married you two, glad to hear it is still working.
    Love, Mom


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