Broad Strokes and Deep Dives

Steven and I tend to travel big. By that I mean, we want to see a lot so we may miss some of the smaller joys of a place. That’s not to say that we drive-by travel. We are not taking selfies at national monuments and moving on, but we may spend only a day in a given place. On our last trip, it was one day each at the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands (unless you count the rafting trip), and Arches. I often think, “I really want to come back here and do XYZ,” but somehow there’s always another city or country I have never seen.

I do deep dives at home. I’ve lived just north of Chicago for 14 years an there are still things I haven’t done. I grew up in New York and can’t wait to go back to explore more (and renew my accent). Of course, it’s vastly different from my teen years, but it’s still New York and I think it’s a place I could live forever and still have something on the list I haven’t done.

Sometimes people ask if I would go back to a place. Absolutely! How could anyone see China in two weeks or Morocco or even Zion? This is the biggest conundrum of travel for me (and I am sure many others): So much to see, so little money and time. The only places I have returned to are London, Paris, and spots where family lives. London because my nephew wanted to go and Paris because … it’s Paris!

Someday, we’ll go live abroad and dive deeply into our travels, (I hope!) but for now, we’re happily skimming the surface.



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